A2 Media Studies

A selection of short films from 2nd year A level Media. A mix of Horror, Drama and Crime in 5 minute chunks.

Tom Smee 
Izzy Kervell
Anthony Stewart
The Room entails a girl left alone in her bedroom after her parents have gone out. She starts to hear noises and see things moving in her room, bringing up the question, Is she really alone?

Lydia Maers 
Finley Hardy
Erica England
Smile follows a teenage boy, Archie, who can’t do the one thing everyone else can; smile. Friends try to help and advise him to change his mood, however after trying endlessly, nothing seems to work. All hope is lost, until he stumbles across the key to it all.
Tom Mullins 
Jack Reid
Jessica Bryant
Josh Lock
The Man follows a young girl as she investigates the disappearance of another young girl and the strange actions of the man.
Molly Bamber
Sophie Cottle
Lucy Harris
Benchship  A bench is the focus for friendship and romance.

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